Y2K got you worried? Put it off till the last minute? Or do you just need an excuse to not get tortured by someone’s cooking once again? We’ve run across buckets of Y2K-related information. Windows: Microsoft, University of Virginia, Wayne State University and CNN. The Mac OS and Mac software is mostly free of Y2K issues, but there are a couple of resources available: Macintouch and Macnologist. Linux and the other *nixes should be fairly immune also. Check out: Planet IT and Linux.org and Ohio State University.

Looking for a some fun distraction over the holidays. I'm going to check out Galaxy Quest. That they convinced Sigourney Weaver to bleach her hair should be enough to get you into the theater. And the reviews make it sound even better. Check out reviews at Wired, Film Critic and AICN. Roger Ebert is supposed to be reviewing the movie tonight.

Now, if you take Science Fiction so seriously that you start fights when someone laughs at your Spock ears, you'll also want to skip this review of something that is high on my list of the stupiest moments in television: the cheezy 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. The review is funny and a telling reminder that no amount of money will make people forget big name blunders broadcast during primetime.

But, you might like Starlite. For a small fee, they'll beam your Millenial greatings into space. I want to phone E.T.'s home.

It you don’t think that the world wide web has woven itself into the daily fabric of business, this should convince you. A French conglomerate with subisidaries like Leonardo Finance and Leonardo Partners is sueing the 30 year old French L'Observatoire Leonardo because their journal comes up in internet searches for the term Leonardo. And I thought that was the name of some dead white painter guy… Additional coverage: Wired.

February should see the launch of the first color Palm, the IIIc. More coverage: cnet.

And the latest version of Mozilla is available. Mozilla is the next major release of Netscape Navigator. This release is supposed to include all the features of the final release but, it’s still got bug testing to go through. If you're daring, you can get it for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and others here.

Updates will be sporadic until the new year. In part because Tim Wood will be roaming the state with members of "Question Authority, the" and "Comma". The performances mix poetry, music and improvisation into some inspried lunacy. Dates and more information can be found at the Tour Page.