Dallas has an incredible knack for not having a white Christmas. It gets cold, perhaps icy but snow always waits till January to show up. I'm tired of brown Christmases. Know someone who does rain dances? We're looking for a lot of someone's to do snow dances for Dallas.

We'll get around to having a little fun with the holiday silliness later. But, till then we've got some helpful holiday sites. Holiday Recipes will also help you with metric conversion charts, food dictionaries, turkey hotline numbers and more. If you’ve still got shopping to do, but have the irresistable need to nickle 'em down then check out Next Tag. On the other hand –we may end up with six or eight of those– if you need to give to complete strangers or just want a laugh, check out The Brad Wolf Christmas Project.

We went and dug up more Rubik's Cube stuff. If you want your own Rubik's cube on your very own website, there's Rubik Unbound. There are any number of sites that provide solutions: Philip Marshall, Mark Jeays and Matthew Monroe. There's also the official Rubik’s Cube site which has buckets of stuff including a A list of place where you can buy. If you’re still not rubiked out, this place and that place have oodles and buckets of links.

And a tip-o-the-hat to the US Postal Service. They get a lot of grief that they don’t really deserve. We shipped out some promotional posters Saturday via Priority Mail. That's supposed to mean two to three days. Of course, we're in the middle of the Christmas rush, too. But, they started arriving Monday. I suspect no one else could've done this: big flat mailers –12 x 18 inches– for a hair over three bucks a piece. It's great when a part of the government actually works.