Many people have heard that Netscape has officially made its browser, like Internet Explorer, free. What’s more interesting is that Netscape will make the source code free. A group has already formed to coordinate efforts: www.openscape.org. The site has a news section and two mailing lists.

Claris, the publisher of FileMaker Pro and a wholy-owned subsidiary of Apple, is being reorganized. Every one of Claris’ products but FileMaker Pro and Homepage will be absorbed into Apple, with talk rampant that a number of products will be killed. Claris has turned a nice profit for years, unlike the rest of Apple, so the move is almost bizarre, with the feel of an ’80s hostile take-over. But, why?

For those of you looking for an alternative to Netscape and Internet Explorer, you might look at opera. The product is fast, small and has been rated the best alternative to the big two by at least one major publication. Versions are available for various flavors of Windows. Versions for Mac, and other operating systems, including the Amiga!