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Best Buy CEO Claims iPad Cannibalizing Notebook Sales By ‘As Much As 50%’

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn is quoted as saying that … internal estimates showed that the iPad had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs by as much as 50%.

One of the phrases we have for this is Any device… Any where… Any time.
The Senate on Thursday approved a multi-billion dollar package of tax breaks and government-backed loans for small businesses, as Democrats surmounted months of opposition by Republican leaders. Backers say the bill could spur business growth and new hiring.

“It’s a very different environment now,” said Stephen Baker, the chief electronics analyst for market researcher NPD Group Inc. “The real cool stuff now will be the tablets, e-readers and probably the higher-end digital cameras.”


Senate Passes Bill to Aid Small Businesses


Adobe Releases Beta of 64-Bit Flash Player

Adobe yesterday announced the release of a beta preview version of Flash Player for Mac, Windows, and Linux offering 64-bit support. The new release, codenamed “Square”, has been found to be fully functional as far as content compatibility and stable enough for broad testing so far, but Adobe of course encourages feedback on performance.


Inside Internet Explorer 9: Redmond gets back in the game

Microsoft today released the first beta of Internet Explorer 9. Coming after four developer-oriented preview releases, the new browser brings a streamlined user interface and a core that is more standards-compliant—and orders of magnitude faster—than any previous version of Internet Explorer.