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… writes writes micropoetry, dark fun speculative fiction, FairyTails, poetry, non-fiction about history, mythology, society and G*d, code and more. He’s managing editor for GrandViaduct, published the arts monthly artsDFW and served as Managing Editor of Negations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Criticism. He has several books and at least one citation to his name (The Facts on File Guide to 20th Century American Poetry). In 2000, he was named a Distinguished Dallas Poet. He was a member of the sound poetry ensemble “Question Authority, the” and ringleader for the Arts Revolution Festival. He’s the MommyDaddy that helped start a charter school (The Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning) and has been active at various churches all the way up to the board level. His educational background includes a BS (Physics), a MA ABT (Arts & Humanities), and various certifications.


Powerful poetry. Dark but very good.

Frederick Turner (Founder’s Professor, University of Texas at Dallas, and former Editor of The Kenyon Review) on author’s poetry


Edie Barton (Owner of Goliad Art Gallery, Rockwall TX) on Voices: Painting with Words

Metacognitively brilliant! Love it…

Deborah Maroulis (author and teacher) on A FairyTail with Spelling Errors

Yes Yes Yes!
Is much fununning!

Ingrid Janse-Wood (author’s wife) on the Troll story

A fusion between Laurie Anderson and George Orwell with perhaps a bit of Rod Serling thrown into the mix.

Christopher Soden (Director of the Dallas Poets Community) on Voices: Painting with Words

Tim Wood recognizes the darkness, the weakness. He can see, recognize, identify and portray the unusual, the weird, the struggle, the dark. He is the warrior/hero/poet, the one that can travel down there, to that and bring it back – on paper.

Ingrid Janse-Wood (author’s wife) on tim 4til7 wood

The tales did remind me of an almost forgotten era. The earth was still flat and we could speak with the animals. A story from that period tells us of the adventures of Hans and Grettle, grandma and the big angry wolf, and the cookie house. Sometimes I wish that those world still existed!

Anton Janse (research scientist at Naturalis in Leiden, The Netherlands) on House Stories

The foo is strong in this one

Brian Rathbone (bestselling author of the Godsland Series) on the author’s writing on Twitter


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