The movie and music industries are both madly sueing people over DVD and mp3 issues. It smells like greed. We’ve put together some key links and summarized it here

According to a BBC report, China may try to launch a manned space flight 5 February to mark the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.

They are two major studies on HIV and AIDS that have just been released. The one getting the press used computer modelling to say the virus made the jump to humans in the 1930’s. The more practical one confirms that oral sex can transmit HIV and is responsible for about 8 percent of recent infections.

If you liked the gallery of photos of the new millenium we pointed to recently, you’ll also be interested in another one that presents QuickTime VR panoramas from around the world on New Year’s day. You’ll need QuickTime 4 –which is only available for Windows and Mac– but they provide a link to get it.

Waiting for Apple to announce 500+Mhz Macs? Don’t hold your breath. According to an article at Apple Insider it’s "a fair assumption" that the G4 line won’t exceed 500MHz until the Fall. But, the 550 and 600MHz versions of the G3 are expected in the month, according to monday’s Mac OS Rumors. But, even with the advantages of the G3/G4 architecture, the 200MHz gap between those chips and AMD and Intel’s latest offerings is cause for concern.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are into experimental poetry, the Word helped to arrange to have Charles Bernstein read at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary on 11 March. Watch the Word website for time and other details.