If you design webpages, you might check out David Baron’s test of how well different browsers –including the latest version of Mozilla (Navigator 5.0)– handle cascading style sheets. If you’ve got a few minutes, he’s got some interesting links and pages that cover browser tests, satelite weather maps and other equally esoteric stuff.

We should start generating a lot more traffic. We’ve gone through the hoops to get indexed by about 50 different sites. One of the more interesting is weblogMonitor. One of the sites it monitors pointed me at WuName. Type in your name and it comes back with something odd. Say Undiscovered Fishlip, Likeable Warlock, Half-Cut Skeleton, or, in my case, Greasy Oddity. Hmmm…

Another approach to watching for weblog updates is MetaLog, monitoring the sites 166 weblogs link to most.

Yesterday at 6:30am, China joined the United States and Russia by launching a vehicle capable of carrying a pilot into orbit. The ship –named Devine Ship or God Ship depending on the translation– orbited the earth 14 times over 21 hours and touched down in the northern province of Inner Mongolia. The vehicle –compared in reports to both the U.S. Apollo capsules and the Russian Soyuz– was carried aloft on a modified version of the Chinese Long March rocket. Coverage: China Daily, BBC, Space.com, Space Views.