This may feel a little… strange at first

After we eat breakfast, I drive my daughter to school. When I get back I get a cup of coffee and start the writing part of my work day. Sometimes I start that by continuing to work on something I’ve already started writing or editing. And sometimes, just by thinking.

Today, traffic kick started me. It feels like the drivers in this town are worse than they used to be. Part of it is there are almost three times as many people as there were when I moved here the first time. There are at least three times as many people screwing up based on that alone. And it’s partly gadgets. Show me someone driving with a phone to their ear in Colorado Springs and there’s a good chance I’ll be looking at someone whose car tires do not stay in their own lane. Gadgets are a great opportunity to not see what’s going on around and a great way to screw up without trying.

Anybody who’s heard me talk about traffic probably expects me to go into a full rant. But that’s where this thunk got interesting.This went on a tangent.

to be continued…