Cats are interesting critters. Fido may think he's a person, but fluffy thinks she's a god. Which means everything is their territory and nothing is safe. Including computers. It's that nasty habit of tap dancing on keyboards. You see, gods have to dance; some pagan rule or another, we think. Well, one company thinks they've got the solution.

There's a wonderful inteview with Stephen Hawking in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Timbuktoo and PC Anywhere are commercial programs that allow you to use another computer –anywhere– as if you were sitting in front of it. VNC is an open source program originally developed by Olivetti Research Laboratory –now part of AT&T– that does much the same thing. They just announced the latest beta for their Mac version. It's also available for Windows and *nix. It is still a beta, so be careful.

Not only does the Mars Society have a good website and seem to be organized, they're gasp making progress. Using private funding, they’re funding a prototype Mars base. The winning bid is in and the structure will be deployed in the artic this May. Coverage: Space.com.

We’ve only got one thing left to say: Pokeman must die.