Amiga, the living dead of the computer world, stumbles on shedding patents and pinkies as it goes. Amiga computers were once the darling of the video production set due to some unique engineering that allowed the machines to run circles around Macs and PCs in video work. The name has been bought and sold innumerable times since. German firm Escom AG bought the remains after the initial bankruptcy in 1994. Escom promptly went backrupt. Gateway bought the Amiga bits and pieces in 1997. And last year Gateway announced plans to create a new Amiga. Well, they changed their mind and decided to create an internet appliance with Amiga technology. Former Gateway Marketing Exec Bill McEwen was so enamored of the Amiga he’s bought Amiga from Gateway. Will it consume Bill, too? And who will buy Bill out of bankruptcy? How long will it take them to announce a new Amiga. Better yet, how long before that product fails, too? Stay tuned, just keep out of the range of this things mouth. It might bite you on the neck next.