In a strange switch, the Texas legislature seems to be seeing the light before Washington. The Congress and the White House passed the CDA, which will place severe limitations on what people can post on the internet in an attempt to limit a perceived wave of child pornography in the nation’s digital landscape. Beyond minor problems like the Bill of Rights and reviewing every web page created and posted in the US –never mind what to do about those posted overseas– the law seems to preclude posting much legitimate information. Experts believe that medical information related to treating and preventing conditions such as HIV as other STDs would not stand muster under the law. Of course, preliminary rumblings from the Supreme Court’s current review of the law indicate the law will never see usage. Thursday, the Texas legislature instituted a much more sane approach to regulating the net. Internet Service Providers are now required to offer customers free blocking software or face fines. For a group that is regarded by pundits within the state as planted firmly in the backpocket of business, the law borders on Solomonesque in it’s wisdom. C/net’s news.com has more details.