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News, Updates and the Hopelessly Interesting


What happened to my blog?! The colors and design and… wait? There are pictures showing up all the time? Waz up with that?!

Well… the design is something of an accident. I moved the site to a different hosting company and my wordpress theme decide it was time to eat my (old) custom design work. Why didn’t it tell me it was hungry instead of eating some tastless CSS. Well, it was past due for an update. What you see (design-wise) is a crude placeholder. And, if I’m going to change the design, I decided it’s time to start using more images.

The real change is in the content. While moving the site, I pulled in a lot of my blog posts that once appeared at eDao’s website and, before that, on the Data Wranglers’ site. It’s internet archeology with posts that pre-date Apple’s iPhone and iPod, the first internet bubble and the term “blog”. The (awkward) term back then was weblog. Oh my. But, back in 1997, I started (we)bloging under the subtitle “News, Updates and the Hopelessly Interesting”. Originally, each post was a bit of handcrafted HTML. Eventually, I crafted a very crude homegrown CMS to semi-manage it. Some it is a touch puzzling. Some of it probably belongs in the “who cares?” category. And, weirdly, on some of it I could change a few names and places and re-run it today. At one point, I changed who hosted the website and my home grown CMS blew up. But, now –with some digging and de-crufting, it’s back. In all it’s occasionally embarrassing two hundred and twenty-seven posts semi-glory. Just scroll down to the archives: