We’re happy to announce that one of our resident sites,Negations has just released their premiere issue. The electronic version, is now available: “our contributors discuss transendence and art as critical principles, review the current state of Marxism in light of Postmodernism, look at the psychological link between one-dimensionality and advertising, explore the co-optation and commodification of media and the idealization of style. We review the recent literature in the Bell Curve debate and include poetry that remembers the past, worries about the present, questions political correctness and pauses for the moment..” Share with: TwitterRedditEmailLinkedInFacebook


Heavy ongoing rain doesn’t stop web servers. But it is known to kill phone service. We’re finally connected back to the outside world and our regular updates begin again tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Share with: TwitterRedditEmailLinkedInFacebook


For those of you following the Apple saga, George Graves reported on Usenet that “Apple engineers have already demonstrated current Macintosh applications running under a protoype of the company’s forthcoming Unix based operating system: With the ink not yet quite dry on the NeXT/Apple merger, Apple had an employee ’show-n-tell’ today (Feb 18, 1996) in which they showed Mac System 7.X apps like Photoshop 4.0 running on BlueBox under NeXT-Rhapsody! This is VERY encouraging. The system seemed stable, they ran several apps including MS Word and Excel, shared info between them and copied files on the YellowBox side while doing so. Nothing crashed. While very optimistic, the demonstrator stressed that there was still much work to be done before a DR is ready in May for WWDC, but that they will make it.” Silicon Valley’s oldest child may have finally grown up… An interesting post that drifted through one of the discusson groups we follow was about The User Dictionaries: “Every time you click ’save’ when you spell-check, you make a deposit into a semi-conscious crypto-self-portrait that resides in your hard drive. Make yours public. Find your User Dictionary file — attach it to an e-mail message that includes the software version that it came from — and forward it to… lorenz@arts.ucsb.edu” Share with: TwitterRedditEmailLinkedInFacebook


On the business front (since we’ve got to pay for our support of the arts somehow), we’re happy to announce that our latest client is Hybarger & Associates, a bank services firm. Share with: TwitterRedditEmailLinkedInFacebook


The poetry gallery that we host has grown with the addition of a poet’s reflections about the re-release of Star Wars. Voices’ biography of works on self-reflexivity has grown extensively thanks to Malcolm Ashmore of the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. Share with: TwitterRedditEmailLinkedInFacebook

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