The first State of the Union speech and Thursday’s State of the Union speech are available to read online. The Washinton Post has an overview of how Clinton’s State of the Union speeches compare. Interesting stuff.

There are any numbers of sneaky ways to pull info out of poorly designed e-commerce sites. We covered the stupid database designer one last week. This week it’s Outpost.com’s "let's put the order number in the URL" trick. It seems if you change the order number, you can see the guts of someone else’s order. Coverage: Wired.

Web Review has an article on building a really cheap webserver. They’ve come to the almost the same conclusion we have: if you’re just starting and you want something easy to learn and dependable, go with an older Mac. They recommend specific machines and show how to install linux on them. Another alternative is to leave the machine running the Mac OS. There are any number of good free and nearly free programs to serve pages, handle mail, serve lists and more. Check out Versiontracker. Start there and keep that article around for the step to Linux.

Time for a follow-up. The Wall Street Journal article on Davos we mentioned earlier in the week is available at MSNBC.