It's that time of year, time to look at replacing machines. Which means we’ve been doing a lot of surfing and collecting a lot of information on building systems. Which will become another one of our articles. If you’ve got suggestions on good resources on building computers –server or otherwise– send us a note. If you send us a link or other information we don’t have, we’ll add a credit and link at the end of the article

Apparently the Department of Justice feels their words should match their deeds –at least in the Microsoft case. They’ve just gone to WordPerfect.

Ever thought of soaring on a bunch of balloons?? Someone did it in 1982. The FAA was quoted as saying "”We know he broke some part of the Federal Aviation Act, and as soon as we decide which part it is, some type of charge will be filed,”"

Ever felt like a bought of the flu was some unearthly affliction; perhaps the plot of a fifties B science fiction: Germs from Outerspace. Well, according to British researchers, sunspots drive the flu virus out of the stratosphere and into your body