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Still think that our economy isn’t run by the computer industry? Well, yesterday AOL began the take-over of Time-Warner in the largest merger in history. They’re not advertising it as a take-over, but AOL’s Steve Case is the CEO. Over the weekend, AP covered the Detroit Autoshow in an article that opened by comparing Ford’s trio of concept cars with Apple's iMac. And then there’s the old-before-it's happened break-up of Microsoft. The only significant anti-trust actions of recent memory have been against companies in computers and telecommunications: AT&T, IBM and Microsoft.

Speaking of AOL-Time Warner, that may be regarded as the watershed mark in the redefinition of telecommunications specifically and the the convergence of telecommunications, computing, internet and broadcasting among other businesses. AOL Time-Warner and AT&T/TCI each have a vested interest in driving that convergence. And the smart companies in their path see what's coming. The combination of fear of loosing out and the greed for what can be gained will drive a pace-of-change that may be frightening.