NASA is contemplating accelerating an ambitious plan to build a Mars Network. Comprised of a group of small orbiting satelites, the network will provide the communications infrastructure so that future mars missions will not fail simply because an antenna is not pointed in just the right direction.

Joining the list of "I'm not sure I want to live there" countries could be Thailand. There's a long tradition of affairs by the men of the country. Women are fighting back by slashing at the root of the problem. Of course, things can be just as hazardous here; just more unpredictable

Some people debate when the new century begins. Is it January 1, 2000 or January 1, 2001? The local NPR affiliate runs a talk show that today featured T. R. Reid, former Wall Street Journal columnist in Asia. He noted that, for many there, the new century begins on December 20, 1999. That’s the date that the last Anglo-European colonial presence ends. Which begs the question… some people consider the 20th Century, the American Century. Will the 21st Century be the Asian Century, the Japanese Century, the Chinese Century?

Last night, the career of pro basketball great Charles Barkley ended months earlier than he planned when he did major damage to his knee. After the press conference he is supposed to have said: "just what America needs, another unemployed black man."