Okay, we’ve been slacking on the news again. We’ve added a site for a group of poets that meets regularly in Dallas: the Oak Cliff Circle of Poets. The page of our own Tim Wood has also been updated.

EmailAddresses.com is a site that indexes all the free email services on the web. The list is frighteningly exhaustive giving a description of each, who they cater to and any downsides –like someone’s advertising. If you want to start hosting free email on your webpage, check out Out Blaze, which let’s you put free email on your site without costing you a penny. Cool, eh.

There has been a Texas Poet Laureate post since the 43rd Texas legislature authorized the post in 1933. Given that the first person’s term began in 1932, we suspect the story is interesting, but we haven't found it yet. If you want to see the list, check out Texas Poets Laureate List. More importantly, why hasn’t there been one since 1994 and only one since the last decade? If you live in Texas and this seems a little disconnected from the caliber of our poetry community, you can Write or Email Governor Bush. In the midst of everything else, it’s a small matter, but take a moment, write a letter. And think, if enough people take ten minutes and write, it might just get someone in that post. You might let us know. I’d like to see how many people write our Governor. We’ve even started a page on the Texas Poet Laureates and why there’s none right now.

Speaking of George the Second, the Wallstreet Journal reported recently on a survey of what people thought of the two leading candidates. The vast majority of people thought George the Second was his father, running again. And a large number of people confused Gore with Professor Gadget. Life on the other side of the election looks a little dark, but if you can focus on the moment, there are moments to laugh. First, third party bids by a whole list of entertainers and rich slobs. Second, websites that make fun of George, Al and the whole mess.