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#micropoetry microcurated 2: Wind|Spirit

A lot of interesting micropoetry is done by people who don’t have legions of followers. #micropoetry microcurated is drawn from their micropoetry. This is about finding micropoetry that’s interesting, great, fun, thoughtful or sometimes just plain delightfully strange.

Instead of assuming people without legions of followers are focused on finding this, I decided to reverse the usual formula and go find them.

And sometimes, it’s actually been surprisingly hard to connect with some of the authors. The first thing I picked for this issue actually a tweet pulled from the contents of a blog entry without any way to contact the original author. I’m going to gamble that most of these authors will get it.

Raise the black flag!

Ellusive gem of micropoetry! Cower before me for I am the Dread Pirate Roberts and you, micropoem, I am dragging you back kicking and screaming while I smile gallantly!


one lone cloud
a curl of duck-down
sails the lake

Jan Dobb


#haiku, from statuses of friends

Back to work today
I want to stay home and write
to the maple blues

Robyn MacKinnon  ‏@art_rat


The weather man
(having visions)
foretelling chances

which half of the sky
will rain this time?

Positively Wyrde  ‏@Wyrde


Humanity: Bored at breakfast!
G*d: Have smartphone

School closures not
Still bored

Tim 4til7 Wood   @4til7