There is always a first post

I’ll be focusing on policy questions.  At Policythunk, I’m interested in discussing ways to solve our problems.  Posts will narrowly focus on a specific topic.  Since this is all about policy (as opposed to personalities and politics), I won’t generally be discussing people, political parties, who stuck what rider into which bill and why a certain pork provision is evil.

My posts will be informed by a fusion of ideas draw from progressive thought, libertarianism, a strong belief in civil liberties and a long list of thinkers of all stripes.  The world in general and the U.S. in particular, face a list of critical immediate problems.  Each of this problems is immense and, in some cases, may be unprecedented in human experience.

When I find links to background material that is reasonably complete, clear and concise, I will include that, too.  I won’t quite say that the background material is required reading before posting comments.  But, please be up to speed and stay on topic.  I’m open to views by people that are up to speed and on topic.  I’m very impatient with people (even those I agree with) who clearly arn’t up to speed or can’t stay focused.