The Trace of God

I spent a few years working with Joseph Hinman to release his book The Trace of God:

The Trace of God utilizes 50 years of empirical scientific studies and draws upon sociological experts including Abraham Maslow, Robert Wuthnow, and Andrew Greeley to establish that the Trace of God and religious experience has an impact that is not just positive and life-transforming but vital: that belief in God is rationally warranted.

From a couple of reviews:

a fine introduction and exploration of the meaningfulness of arguments from human experience to the reality of God.

Ralph Hood, Jr, The Psychology of Religion and Handbook of Religious Experience

Joe Hinman has injected some much-needed scientific rigour into the subject of mysticism and religious experience.

James Hannam,God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science (shortlisted for the Royal Society Prize for Science Books 2010)

Hinman’s book will give you something to think about.

Nick Peters, Christian Answers to This Generation’s Questions (with J. P. Holding)

You can read more on the book’s page at GrandViaduct. Reviews since the book was released are linked on the blog and you can find it at Amazon.