The US continues to push the missile defence boulder up the hill. And once again it rolled down. Tuesday night, a US$100M test of the military’s ability to shoot down a missile with a missile failed

Speaking of big and dumb, Australia’s ABA has ordered it’s first shutdown of a website. under legislation that went into effect 1 January. The article notes that theoretically material cleared for print distribution in Australia could be banned for internet display. Never underestimate the stupidity or intrusiveness of government.

You may or may not know that Mozilla is not only the name of the project to develop the next version of the Netscape browser, but the original and only Netscape mascot. Curious about the story? It’s part of exhibit 6 of Origin of a Browser.

If you’re on @Home, you probably didn’t notice anything Tuesday night. According to CNET the Usenet death penalty against @Home was lifted.

Motorolla announced they are developing a small light alcohol-based fuel cell to power a laptop for 20 hours and a phone for a month before needing a recharge. They think it’ll be three to five years to reach market.