A group that includes member of Washington DC's Comma and Dallas' Question Authority, the, toured Texas over the holidays. They’ve now got a formal name: “? / ,”. If that's too hard to remember, they’re also the Metatron Press All-Stars. And their website is here at the Data Wranglers.

CBS Marketwatch has an interesting take on Apple’s drive to deliver end-to-end internet services. They think Apple is positioning itself to do what Microsoft failed to do with MSN. They may be right. The pieces are there: Mac-only internet tools (iTools, Sherlock), a large investment in Earthlink (ISP) and more. If you’d like some background on "iTools", there’s a review over at Macintouch.

And it's that time of week… time for the Hopelessly Complete Waste of Time. Some people opin that relationships are a complete waste of time. Well, what about going directly to beings someone's ex? Well, this week you can apply to be Cheryl's ex online. No flowers, no candy, just skip straight to the pain and disappointment. Nothing like modern efficiency.