It happened several days ago, but we've been too busy to mention it: artsDFW (formerly the Word) has been redesigned. The look has changed. Back issues will continue to fill out and there will soon be sections that focus on each area of the arts.

FileMaker Pro is probably one of the oldest Windows/Mac applications out there, starting as a program called Nutshell under Dos. Many people who don't want to specialize in databases but need to get real work done find it the best choice out there. If you’re curious, yesterday's MOSR reinforces some worrisome rumors about the product&39;s future.

Just under two years ago, Apple grabbed headlines by buying Steve Job’s NeXT with the intention of building their next-generation OS on top of the NeXT OS. This week Apple has finally nailed down the final two release dates over the first half of the year. They’ve also announced something everyone should've expected: OS X will be preinstalled on Macs by year's end. The current Mac OS –with a history stretching back to 1984– will be dead for all practical purposes in 12 months. Given that OS X is a variant of Unix, we've got a computer world that's actually getting simpler; split between Windows Variants and Unix (Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS X) variants. OS X news reports: Macintouch, MacWeek.