If you’re into man's slow creep toward the stars, check out Encyclopedia Astronautica. While you’re there, check out what's got to be the most complete list of cancelled flights available anywhere.

It has a sad weird irony to it. Desmond Llewelyn, who played Q in all but two of the Bond movies, died in a head-on car crash yesterday. He was the only person to act across from every Bond in the series. There's more coverage over at the BBC.

In what has to be a record for time from IPO to first stock split, Linux distributor Red Hat announced a two for one stock split.

And it's monday and time for the Hopelessly Complete Waste of Time. This week is a double-feature. In one corner, we've got 100 Trillion Haiku generating 17 syllables of word play on the fly. In the other corner, we’ve got the Rubik’s Cube Java Applet beating the stuffing out of your tired old cube with the color worn down on the corners.