Linux is the big news in the stock market, with two distributors of the operating system going through IPOs and seeing huge rises in stock prices. But some other interesting things have hit the radar. Looking back two years, Apple Computer hit an all-time low of 12 and some change. Last week it peaked at an all-time high of 118. Ah, yes. The joy of hindsight. Looking forward, 3Com’s spin-off of Palm is about to happen. Palm has filed for an IPO with federal regulators. The offering will probably happen in February. The timing is interesting. A number of manufacturers have dropped devices with the competing Windows CE. And next year should see some cool new gadgets running the Palm OS.

And a big raspberry to Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk. He's the strongest voice for taxing internet sales on a congressional advisory commission on the topic. We're all for everyone contributing their fair share, but the vast majority of internet businesses loose money. Does that mean that those who sell on the internet can claim a subsidy from the city of Dallas? Of course, this is the same city that assesses property taxes on simply owning an automobile.

The U.S. is a frightening foe. A nuclear arsenal large enough to obliterate all life on earth. Conventional forces that have lost one war since who remembers when. One wonders what can really threaten this beast. Well, U.S. officials are begging crackers to lay off while we stumble into the new millenium. I now know what gets my 1999 vote for most amusing humiliation of a government.

If you want some quick distraction, check out MS Monopoly.