Today is Thanksgiving here in the United States. That's where we stuff ourselves with food, exagerate how great our families are, watch mentally-challenged guys in pads run into each other, and act generally unproductive in emulation of what we think a group of lost Europeans did centuries ago on the eastern seaboard of what became the U.S.

T.V. trivia: in this week’s episode of one animated prime-time show, one character asked a Native American character if Indians celebrated Thanksgiving. "Once." was his response.

Most Common Activity for Americans this Evening: psychological preperation for the descent into the outer circle of hell known as The Mall. The price of escape back to purgatory: spend too much money on unwanted, but easily-returned Stuff.

Revenge, of course, is the object of the exercise. Because the target of The Gift has to either descend into The Mall, keep the The Gift or wrap It in hopes the next recipient will not want revenge for The Gift.

We’ll be back to our normal, but still slightly tongue-in-cheek, routine Friday.