We’ve updated many of our documents, including our infamous humor page. And we’ve added new ones that cover the proper way to address mail –especially for bulk mailings, an Echelon page, and a guide to switching your computer to use the Dvorak keyboard layout.

It’s an old but very important resources on the internet: Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg collects and republishes –for free– older works that no longer fall under copyright. The list of titles is almost endless, but includes authors such as: Poe, Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Chekhov, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Twain, Martin Luther, Thomas Hardy and Balzac.

Mozilla Milestone 11 has just been released Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Mozilla is the next browser from Netscape and is being developed under an Open Source license. This version still has a few missing features, but it’s very usable and stable. An actual beta release will probably be available by year’s end.