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Tim Wood was born in the northern part of the US, grew up mostly in Colorado, lived in Dallas for a long time and now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tim Wood’s work is usually described simply by calling on names of some of the more surrealistic and bizarre figures in the twentieth century. Poet Sam Modica raises the name of Dali. Christopher Soden, Director of the Dallas Poets Community, introduced Tim’s poetry at the 1995 Autumn Equinox Poetry Gala as “a fusion between Laurie Anderson and George Orwell.” He later amended his comments in a review of Mr. Wood’s book Voices: “After reading Voices: painting with words, I stand by that diagnosis, with perhaps a bit of Rod Serling thrown into the mix.” Frederick Turner, former Editor of The Kenyon Review describes his work as “Powerful poetry. Dark…. but very good.”

His poetry video Juxta/Proz was screened at the fifth annual National Poetry Video Festival in Chicago. Poetry and poetry video work by Tim Wood has been published. performed or exhibited in Rhode Island, Texas, Colorado, New York, New Mexico and on the Internet. He was publisher of an arts monthly artsDFW (artsdfw.com), managing Editor of Negations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Social Criticism, an original member of the sound poetry ensemble “Question Authority, the” and ringleader for the Arts Revolution Festival. In 2000, he was named a Distinguished Dallas Poet. His current collection of poetry, Hollow Angels, was recently published as an electronic book by the Lending Library (www.macduff.net). His previous print collections include The Late Great Once & Future. He holds a Bachelors in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas and has finished coursework for a Masters in Arts and Humanities at the same institution.

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